Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Avenging Autumn e-novel!!!!

Just added to, my first book, Avenging Autumn, can now be downloaded to your preferred reading device (including your phone, Kindle, Sony e-reader, B&N Nook or pc) for only $0.99.

When Benny Writeman’s wife, Autumn, returns from the dead, revealing that her murder must be avenged before she can rest, he drags her ghost across the country on the hunt for the vampires responsible. With the help of his father, Frank, and his brother, Jack, they leave an ever mounting trail of carnage behind as they confront nightmarish creatures around every corner only to find a heartbreaking truth at the end of their quest.

Click here for Avenging Autumn

$0.99 Short Story Collection!!!

Just released; Any Kindle readers out there can now download my first collection of short stories and poems for only $0.99. Darwin and The Juggernaut is a collection of twelve stories and poems that I've written over the past year. Some have seen publication in various places and others are previously unreleased. Here's a list of the stories and their genre.

Darwin and The Juggernaut(sci-fi)
The Haunted Van Gogh(horror)
Musical Graves(romance/horror)
Cigars Under the Stars(non-fiction)
My Mistake(suspense)
The Glass Vampire(horror)
The Halloween Costume(horror)
The Red(suspense)
Like a Breath(poetry)
What's Behind a Name(poetry)
Better Living Through Defiance(poetry)